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The Project

Low Carbon Business Action (LCBA) in Mexico is a Project funded by the European Union (EU) that aims to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Mexico. The following are just some of the activities that may be of interest to you:

  • A mapping exercise in Mexico and the EU countries to classify and detail profiles of industries and entities that are interested in setting up cooperation partnership agreements in this field.
  • Screening  of needs, existing technology gaps, possible funding in Mexico.
  • At the same time, a pool of potential Mexican consumers of green technologies together with suppliers from the European Union is created.
  • In the EU, the Project team explores the best offer and technical capacity to supply solutions (advanced Green technologies) for the identified needs.

The project will provide business opportunities for both the European Union and Mexico in these specific sectors:

  • Energy Efficiency: building and industry
  • Waste Management
  • Wastewater Management

Any sector of interest to the Mexican industry especially in terms of decarbonisation of electricity generation will be considered.

To reach the target some specific strategies are implemented such as:

  • A project website, lowcarbon.mx where industries, entities and consumers can find all the information necessary to participate, upload their profile, register their interest in the events of the project and exhibit their project to potential targets.
  • Boosting social media directed to potential partners in Mexico and EU. You can follow the project by clicking on the Facebook, Twitter and google+ icons in this website.
  • Matchmaking events, virtual and face to face, will be organized in Mexico. This is the perfect opportunity for European and Mexican enterprises to establish contact.

LCBA project supports the move of Mexico to a green economy promoting the signature of at least 40 cooperation partnerships agreements between companies from Mexico and the EU to introduce low carbon technologies.

“Reducing greenhouse emissions calls for a truly global alliance. Governments will have to be mobilised, as much as grassroots. Everyone can do their part. And everyone must do their part, for this is not just something that concerns cabinets and institutions. It is the battle of all present and future generations. It is a matter survival. It is our responsibility.”

Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the Commission

CONTACT: “Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico”

Activities and objectives

Face to Face Matchmaking
Virtual matchmaking
> 200
EUR-MEX entities directly involved
Partnership Agreements

The Collaboration Partnership Agreements (CPAs) will have the following benefits for MEX-EUR entities:

  • Technical Assistance from the European Union for the implementation of the selected “Low Carbon” Initiatives.
  • Priority access to finance from RDI promoting instruments in Europe and Mexico.
  • Priority access in the future to financial instruments.

Video: The project