Low Carbon MX

Funding opportunities

Here you, will find information about funding options for Low Carbon projects and agreements in Mexico.

LCBA is doing a mapping exercise about the different public and private funding options existing in Mexico to introduce green technologies in Mexico.

Economic incentives, programmes and financial support to implement low carbon technologies are managed by several public institutions, depending on the focus on climate change, energy efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, or the implementation of renewable energies.

The Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico project team will assist Mexican end European companies to access competitive funding for their collaboration agreements. To achieve this, we are exploring and establishing relationships will the most adequate funding programs in the field of Clean Technologies.

At first glance, the most relevant international funding options for climate change will come from entities such as the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), World Bank (WB), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), North American Development Bank (NADBANK), UK Prosperity Fund, USAID – MLED, European Investment Bank (EIB), among others. The following figure shows some of the main donors available according to the Climate Funding Update:


International multilateral and bilateral donors
Global Environmental Facility - Climate Change International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)
World Bank Water and Climate Change International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
International Climate Initiative (ICI-Germany) International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
AFD French Agency for Development-CC Moore Foundation-REDD+
UK-Climate Change Latin American Investment Facility (LAIF)-REDD+
AECID-CC-Subnational Climate Investment Fund/ Clean Technology Fund
World Bank USAID
Norway Government-Ministry of Foreign Affairs International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Border Environment Cooperation Commission (BECC)
Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE) Climate Investment Fund /Strategic Climate Fund/Forest Investment Program
The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID)


Also, we are linking the Low Carbon Project to Mexican support programmes, private or public-private, as well as international support programmes:


Institution Fund Objective
FIDE - Trust Fund for Energy Saving Financing projects for micro generation and cogeneration of electric power up to 500 kw Financing up to 100% of projects for micro generation and cogeneration of electric power up to 500 kw for the acquisition and installation of equipment and systems, with the use of renewable and alternative energy sources
FIDE - Trust Fund for Energy Saving Financing of municipalities for energy saving and energy efficiency projects Financing up to 100% of projects for energy saving and energy efficiency projects
SAGARPA – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food SAGARPA – World Bank- Firco project The Government of Mexico through SAGARPA (with the help of the World Bank and Firco) supports with USD 60.5 million the installation plan for renewable technologies in the rural area
BANOBRAS - National Bank for Public Works and Services of Mexico Fund for Energy Transition and Sustainable Use of Energy Credits up to 25% for the resources that the municipality receives through the Fund for Contributions for Social infrastructure.
CONACYT – Science and Technology National Council and – SE – Ministry of Economy FINNOVA Its objective is to increase the number of innovative companies and promote the development of public goods and projects with high positive externalities.
SENER – Ministry of Energy SENER – CONACYT Energy Sustainability Promote applied scientific research and technology in renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, use of clean technologies and diversification of primary energy sources, as well as the adoption, innovation and technology development in the above mentioned areas.
SENER – Ministry of Energy FOTEASE – Fund for Energy Transition and Sustainable Use of Energy Support the use, development and investment in renewable energies and energy efficiency, allowing with it:

- The use and application of technologies for the development of renewable energies

- Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings

- Use and application of clean energies and

- Diversification of energy sources, especially renewables

Secretary of Economy PRODIAT – Programme for the Development of High Technology Industries The Programme seeks to contribute to solving market failures encountered by high technology industries in order to promote their participation in activities with higher added value, by offering grants to finance projects that can solve the identified market failures.
SEMARNAT – Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Prevention and waste management Foster the management of urban solid waste and the special management by financing studies or prevention programmes and projects to increase the installed capacity to collect, recycle and adequate final disposal for that waste.
CONAGUA – FONADIN – National Commission for Water and National Infrastructure Fund PROMAGUA – Modernization of Water Operators The PROMAGUA programme seeks in collaboration with private capital to improve efficiency and coverage increase of services to improve facilities for water supply, sewage and wastewater.
CONAGUA – National Commission for Water PROSANEAR –Waste Water Treatment Programme Foster changes in manufacturing processes and existing infrastructure for wastewater treatment.
SEMARNAT – CONAGUA PROTAR – Waste Water Treatment Programme Provide support to water operators to design, build and improve wastewater treatment plants to increase treated volume or improve treatment processes.
NAFIN – Development Bank Support Programme to Sustainable Projects Finance companies or national or international financial intermediaries to promote development projects that seek to improve ecologic, economic and social development based on a better use of natural resources and generate added value, as well as mitigate climate change impact.
NAFIN – Development Bank Credits for the productive public investment in municipalities Support for energy savings projects. Renewable energies projects. Support for technology innovation projects.
FINTEGRA Credits to sustainable projects Products and financial services, consulting and technical assistance; for government bodies, for high social responsibility projects, infrastructure, education, improvement for municipality services, increase security, productive projects.
Grupo Financiero Interacciones Credits to sustainable projects Financing for state governments and/ or municipality productive public investment. Schemes for public private collaborations.
IIC – Inter-American Investment Corporation GREENPYME Technical assistance programmes for SMEs for capacity building and energy audits to help increase their competitiveness and reduce their energy costs.