Low Carbon MX

LCBAM Projects´Support

LCBAM support consists in bringing technical support to the CPAs who participated in phase 1, and were selected at the beginning of phase 2.

The technical support consists in providing to each company a number of expert/days to carry out a Taylor-made technical and economic feasibility study.

By September 2017 CPA companies defined the working plan for the feasibility studies. Also, the profile of each needed expert was defined.

By March 2018 all experts were selected and recruited.

We have now 82 short terms experts working on the ground with the CPAs in order to carry out the feasibility studies. Between June and October, we foresee to finalize and deliver to each Mexican company its own feasibility study.

With the help of these studies, Mexican companies will be able to understand the return of the low carbon plant or technological solution proposed. At this point they will decide whether or not to purchase the plant.

From January to April 2019 an economic, environmental and social impact analysis will take place.