Low Carbon MX

LCBAM Projects´Support

The technical assistance support to the better qualified foreseen by LCBAM consists in covering part of the costs (short term experts salaries and travel expenses) for the following activities foreseen in the CPA:

  • Technical feasibility study
  • Business plan
  • Support to credit access

In September 2017 each company has defined the working plan of the activity foreseen (Technical Assistance Terms of References – TA TdRs).

TdRs has been approved by the European Commission Services on October 12th 2017.

From January to October 2018 all Technical feasibility study, Business plans and Support to credit access actions will take place.

By the end of 2018 all possible investment and technological transfers from Europe to Mexico will be confirmed.

From January to April 2019 an economic, environmental and social impact analysis will take place.