7th Business Meeting, Chihuahua Apr 25-27


The 7th Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico Business Meeting, will take place April 25-27 in Chihuahua, Chihuahua (Mexico), in coordination with “Desarrollo Económico del Estado de Chihuahua AC” (DESEC) and “Dirección del Desarrollo Económico y Turístico del Municipio de Chihuahua”.

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European companies attending the meeting:

Botres Global GmbH Austria Waste Management/Treatment and Wastewater treatment
Eko Harden Technologies Finalnd Industrial Luminares for Hazardous Locations
Jukolux Oy Finland Environmentallt efficient enregy production / wind power
Etha wind Ltd Finland Land Remediation
Odyssee Environment France Waste Treatment and Wastewater treatment
Veolia France Water treatment Industry
PlanET Biogas Global GmbH Germany Biogas plant manufacturer
bwe energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG Germany Design and construction of biogas plants for municipal, industrial and agricultural organic waste treatment
Gloasis GmbH Germany Water treatment, desalination and energy integration for aquaculture and agriculture
EURO TSA S.r.l. Italy Fertilizer and Pesticide for conventional and organic agriculture
Meridiana Energy Italy Energy efficiency, water and sanitation, renewable energies, waste to energy
MaKe Projectlynx vof Netherlands Project and technical management for the installation of energy systems, energy plants and energy infrastructure
PowerspeX BV Netherlands Process automation solutions for power plants and energy efficiency
Erpek Ind Srl / Romania Energy efficiency automatic boilers using the remaining rest and waste from Wooden and Forestry sector as well as from the furniture manufactures
Pro Wood (CLUSTER) Romania Forestry Sector
Ori Alnitak SL Spain Renewable energies. Biomasa
Aquatec /SUEZ Spain Water, renewable energy and energy efficiency
King Diamond / Air Waters Spain Waste Management/Treatment and Wastewater treatment
SOLUCIONES DE INGENIERÍA ENERGÉTICA APLICADA, S.L. Spain Projects for the energy sector, thermal and electric.
Pellet Mexico Bioenergía SA de CV Spain Forest Residues utilization
Envigas Sweeden Developed a highly efficient process for conversion of organic material to charcol