Low Carbon MX

The Project

Low Carbon Business Action (LCBA) in Mexico is a Project funded by the European Union (EU) that aims to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in Mexico focusing on European SME’s technology transfer in the waste, water and energy efficiency management.

During the period June 2015 and June 2017 the following activities have been done:

  1. A mapping exercise in Mexico and the EU countries to classify and detail profiles of industries and entities that are interested in setting up cooperation partnership agreements in this field.
  2. Screening of needs, existing technology gaps, possible funding in Mexico.
  3. Organization of 8 BUSINESS MEETINGS in Mexico with personalized face-to-face meetings followed by field visits
  4. Support to the signature of 93 Cooperation Partnership Agreements (CPAs) between Mexican and European companies.

During the period May 2017 and April 2019 the following activities is foreseen:

  1. Analysis of 93 CPAs and collection of additional information on them.
  2. SELECTION PROCESS following robustness, carbon reduction, social and economic impact criteria.
  3. LCBAM PROJECTS’ SUPPORT consist of high level specialist men/days for ad hoc feasibility studies.
  4. On the base of the feasibilities studies Mexican CPAs’ companies will finally take a decision on the acquisition of the offered European technology.
  5. Final economic, environmental and social analyses of the project impact.