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Low Carbon Business Action in Mexico is the referent platform for Mexican and European entities (companies and organizations) with Specific needs and challenges and/or Specific technologies and solutions in the field of low emission technologies and related services.

Low Carbon: low emission technologies and related services



This MEXICAN and EUROPEAN companies should be focused on:

  • Trying to accelerate their cooperative “Low Carbon projects” at different maturity levels.
  • And/or searching partners in order to reach to specific partnership agreements.



The procedure to actively participate in the project is as follows:

The Call will be opened during 2016 and first half 2017!


An Application form will be facilitated to Mexican and European companies. Application Form. Each company will describe their working approach. This form will be used to select those:

Although your application is not selected in the first Round, you could be chosen for subsequent matchmaking events


Technical Evaluation.
The LCBA team will individually each candidate evaluate treat the information provided in order to select the most suitable profiles for each matchmaking events.

At least 3 virtual matchmaking events!


Virtual matchmaking.
Virtual matchmaking sessions will be organized in order to better define the interest of each participant and to select the entities which will participate in the face-to-face matchmaking

4-day extended Missions, connecting “Low Carbon” EUR and MEX entities (B2B, B2C, C2C)


Face-to face Matchmaking.
Following the results of the virtual matchmakings the project team will propose the participants to attend matchmaking onsite events. European companies and entities will be invited to meet potential Mexican partners. Five missions in Mexico comprising up to 40 European enterprises and entities are foreseen along the project.

The selected candidates will have covered all the EUR partner’s logistic costs (travel + accommodation).

40 Agreements with future benefits


Signature of Collaboration Partnership Agreements (CPAs).
The project team will promote useful information to facilitate the signature of CPAs between Mexican and European partners.

Info about other potential partners


In the future, profiles of potential partners for a Collaboration Partnership Agreement will be visible in the website lowcarbon.mx